Our Project


Drink for Change

Creating sustainable social change by enjoying premium quality coffee with friends and family.

There are so many needs in the world that it can be difficult sometimes to know how to even start making a difference. While the needs are plentiful, the phrase "Think Globally, Act Locally" is a great guide for identifying ways to begin making an impact on the real challenges facing our global community. For us, this starts in Honduras.

 After spending 6 years working with at-risk communities in Honduras, we began to see that the best way to affect real change and improvement in these communities was by supporting and empowering the existing community and religious leaders who were already committed to working on the needs of the community where they live. We began to develop a vision for a business that would provide sustainable resources and bi-vocational income to these pastors and community leaders to allow them to continue doing the good work they were already committed to.

Drawing on Honduras' long history of coffee growing and decades of our own experience in the coffee industry, the solution was simple - we launched Tazazul Coffee in 2012 with one coffee truck in the port city of La Ceiba which quickly expanded to selling our beans all across Honduras. As of September 2016 we officially expanded our business to begin selling the highest quality Honduran coffee all across the United States. Profits from our stateside sales are directly invested into creating new jobs for workers and funding community improvement projects such as clean water, education and medial care in the Honduran communities where we source our beans.

We may not be able to change the whole world, but every time you share a cup of Tazazul Coffee, you're helping to empower a community to make a difference in their world, and that's a great start.


Bryan and Christi Wiehoff

Tazazul Coffee Founders, US coffee sales, directors of community projects and work teams in La Cieba, Honduras.


Ventura and Candy Nuñez

Coffee Bean Sales and community projects, La Ceiba, Honduras.

Onan Flores

Coffee truck operations and church planting, La Ceiba, Honduras.